Companies Need A Reason To Exist (WJNE)


Companies are an organizational vehicle that serve the advance of an idea. Read this from Twitter & Square founder, Jack Dorsey. It is so true, and it’s inspiring.

Why did you start a company? To make money? What a boring motive if that is the ultimate end.

The decision to start EigoPartner came out of a desire to create a better world for others. It began with family and close friends, and would have never become a company if we had kept our reach limited to our immediate circle. Forming a company was the necessary next step to deliver change to a nation.

What is the purpose?
Clarity around why you exist makes decision making easy. Our EP team members all understand why we exist, and our unified values allow us to stay flexible as better alternatives arise, so long as they advance our foundational purposes.

So what is the purpose of EigoPartner?

First, we want to love people as Jesus has loved us by helping them actually achieve the goal of thriving in American culture. English is a necessary part of this goal but there are other more important dynamics that we focus on as well.

Second, we want to change corporate culture in Japan. We believe that people were created for work and rest, and that the majority of a Japanese person’s life is currently work. The way this work is conducted also hinders bottom line productivity, and thus we aspire to work differently and win, influencing others to consider a similar change of philosophy.

Third, we want to make money so that we can keep spending our time on truly changing peoples’ lives. Money is not inherently good or evil, it is a tool for the hearts of mankind. We want more money so that we can create more change that blesses the world.

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