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Why Japan Needs Entrepreneurs

This series should have a lot of posts. I think, talk, and act in regards to this topic everyday. Might as well add writing to that list.

Maybe I’m unique to the average Japanese person, but I just love to create. There is a joy that comes in creating, something that is better experienced than explained. I felt this as a child when my dad helped me make my first wooden car, lost it during my fear-filled adolescent years, and found it again at the end of college when I was led through my fears and began to create again.

We all have varying creative aptitudes and that is okay. I’m not saying that everyone needs to go start a company. My fear for Japan starts with the statistics and increases in my personal interactions.

Economic factors aside, I see so many Japanese people who have learned to stifle the call to create. They are experts at test-taking, task-execution, and people-pleasing, but struggle when asked to create their own values, thoughts, and life decisions. I want for my brothers and sisters. Japanese people, just like people all over the world. are human beings and were created to create.

I am hopeful for my generation and the generations to follow. But change has to be actively pursued now.

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  1. Sweet little post. I believe that the creative spirit is what makes this world thrive. Imagine if everyone in the world got off of a competitive plane and decided to come from a creative plane? Great post!

    – Chris Altamirano

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