A Son Needs A Father

IMS 19 weeks

Dear Son,

I found out last week that you are a boy and not a girl. Words can’t express my joy. One day I hope that you will have a son of your own and experience what I mean.

We are expecting you to arrive around Thanksgiving. Your birth will be so timely. That’s the same time of year that I learned  your Grandpa Mark had cancer. That’s the time when I began to lose my dad.

You bring life where there used to be death.

There’s so much I want to teach you. You can’t understand what I’m saying yet but I’m going to start teaching you anyway. One day you will treasure all these words the way I treasure the words my dad left me.

— — —

Son, life is hard. You need to know that every man will ultimately face this same reality. No amount of protection or privilege can shield a man from the pains of life. Even the richest men find pain, and often more than others since theirs is deeper than the body and in their soul.

You also need to know that it wasn’t supposed to be this way. You will experience frustration at so many things in your life. All others will too. Let every groan of frustration with this world be a reminder to you that it was supposed to be better. This world, you and everyone else in it, was created for Shalom. Learn to love the books of Genesis and Revelation. We were created for more and one day we will experience the world our souls long for.

This world is broken. Your relationship with nature is broken. Your relationship with people is broken. Your relationship with God is broken. This is the reality  you will be born into. As much as I want to deliver you from all of this, I can’t. I will do my best to help restore your relationships with nature and people but ultimately only God can restore your relationship with him and fully heal the other two.

You need to remember this no matter what happens to you and no matter where your life goes. There is always hope in God.

Jesus has offered to save you, son. Don’t be a proud man. Don’t be naive. Be a humble wise man and receive his offer. He will provide, protect, and guide you to salvation. He will rescue you from the brokenness of this world, the pains that you will be responsible for causing and the pains that you will have no control over. My relationship with him is the greatest possession I have and it is the one thing I hope for you above all else.

This is the gift your Grandpa Mark gave to me and the one lesson I will never forget. Learn this and live by it. You will naturally learn all the others if you learn this one.

A son needs a father to teach him how to find life. I had this gift for 18 years. I am planning on giving you the same thing and more. I hope to walk with you farther than my dad was able to walk with me. No matter how far I end up taking you, always remember what I’m telling you today. Jesus can deliver you from the brokenness. If you seek him he will never turn you away. Teach this to your children one day.

I love you, son. Be strong in the grace of Jesus Christ.


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