17, My Best Day With Dad


A post in the series, “Why I Write About My Dad Each May.” Find all the posts here.

Dad’s Journal, October 6, 2003:

“Oh my heart aches for Stephen these days.  He is in the throes of his first major passage in life and, I can see now, it has so many of the marks of a mid-life crisis.  In the midst of what looks from the outside like a great senior year, he feels like he’s just going through the motions, without meaning, a sense of purpose.  Making sacrifices to pursue that which he’s been taught to pursue, yet not feeling the payoff.  How I pray this morning for wisdom to be his father and his friend.  With Jordan having moved to Davis, he feels like there’s no one he can really share with, and how I know the great need for a soul mate in these hours.  I don’t know if I can be such to him, we are far too close to the father-child relationship, but I would dearly treasure such an experience.  Perhaps this is to be the beginning of a transition in our relationship to a deeper, lifelong one.

Dad’s Journal, October 22, 2003:

“I would have to say that yesterday was one of the best and most enjoyable days of my life.  Spent the day with Stephen, we went to San Diego to visit Point Loma.  It was such a rich day of talking and being together.  A good beginning, I believe, to the transition from father-child to father-friend.  He did all of the driving, which was better for my ailing back, provided good experience for him, and meant the he was awake and actively participating in the conversation.  We talked about college and school, work, girls and wives.  He was open and in a good place to talk, it was such a joy to have an glimpse into his life.  The highlight was knowing that he also enjoyed the day.

God is so good.”

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